Business to business or B2B sales refers to a sales model in which one business sells its products and services to another. The B2B sales involve greater risks and require a thorough market-driven strategy due to the higher price points, complex process, and multiple channels. The difficulties become even more intricate in emerging economies like India, China, Russia, and more, owing to their dynamic market structure and ever-growing competition.

Therefore, most B2B sales firms currently collaborate with top strategy consulting firms for comprehensive assistance and deeper insights. These firms help formulate strategic marketing sequences and specialized selling methods that can garner and retain the interest of corporate buyers.

This blog will look into the major challenges firms face in B2B sales operation and ways in which management consultants can help.

Management Consulting firms

Some Most Recognized Challenges In B2B Sales

  • Improper Sales Process

A thoroughly structured B2B sales process is integral to bringing business success. For example, if you are planning to undertake B2B sales in India, a simplified process will be:

  • Recognizing the prospects buyers
  • Understanding their needs, challenges, and requirements
  • Presenting customized solution
  • Closing the deal
  • Researching on further business scopes within the account

Most start-ups fail to execute this sales process due to the lack of representatives with adequate B2B sales skill sets. This is where top B2B consultant India comes of help.

  • Data Overload

Most B2B sales representatives suffer from data overload. Lack of the right software systems and methods in sales operation is the main cause behind this. As a result, the representatives get overwhelmed from time to time with the amount of data and features presented. This most often leads to analysis paralysis and jeopardizes the sales cycle.

  • Technological Limitation

One of the major reasons why most start-up firms fail in their B2B sales process is a technological deficiency. Also, established B2B sales firms often lack standardization in their CRM systems, data analytics, cloud technology, sales automation software, etc., causing a halt in the sales process.

  • Limitation To Communicate Value Differentiator

With constant digitalization and the growing use of the internet in the mainstream business process, potential customers these days have multiple options. Hence, a key reason behind inefficient B2B sales operation is the failure to communicate value differentiator. Hence, to get an edge over competitors, it is essential to customize solutions from experienced and top strategy consulting firms.

5 Ways In Which Top Management Consulting Firms In India Can Help

If you are looking forward to overcoming the challenges and expanding your B2B sales operation in emerging markets like India, collaborating with business management consultants is a must.

Top B2B consultant India

Top B2B consultant India will offer-

  • Market Specific Competitor Analysis

Business consulting firms in India will take a close look into your current sales operation through a detailed pipeline analysis, prospecting activity analysis, and sales trends analysis. They will collect the data and compare it with that of the competitors in the market. This will enable them to understand the areas of shortcomings and advantages. Accordingly, they will tailor a sales process to achieve an edge over the competitors and earn better profit.

  • Provide a Third-Party View

Often the sales representatives working in a B2B firm fails to find the faults or shortcomings in their sales operation. This prevents them from adopting changes in their sales process for better yield. Management consulting firms in India will offer you a third-party view of the issues and problems in your sales operation. Experts in top business management consulting firms in India will help diagnose and rectify the root cause behind the gaps in the actual and expected results.

  • Help Regulate Marketing Strategies And Operations As Per Needs

Top management consulting firms in India will help the B2B sales representatives focus on new strategies and improve their profit margin. Most often, the sales representatives and executives become so much occupied in the sales cycles that they fail to recognize the changing needs of the industries. B2B sales consultancy services can conduct thorough market-centric research and generate valuable data and analytics. They will accordingly regulate the existing marketing strategies and operating modules as per the need of the hour.

  • Contracting

Most B2B sales start-ups in India do not have the resources to hire industry-best sales leaders for their companies. However, collaborating with top business consulting firms in India can offer the right exposure. These firms offer end-to-end assistance in contracting or hiring experienced sales performers, preferably within a similar industry. Also, reliable management consulting firms in India help to build an adequate sales training program to keep the new hires committed to their job and advance their skill sets.

  • Coaching And Implementing New Age Strategies

Business management consulting firms in India will also coach the sales executives of your firm in the latest and right data analytics, customer engagement, and email marketing tools. Furthermore, the consultants also help gather metrics, structure the sales pipelines, and formulate sales action plans in line with new age B2B sales strategies.

Importance and Benefits of Management Consulting firms

Comprehensive assistance from business consulting firms in India like Tecnova proves beneficial in a number of ways, such as:

business management consulting firms in India
  • It helps to improve sales communications
  • Refine the target market
  • The win qualified prospects at a much lower cost
  • Standardize the sales process right from the stage of conceptualizing to execution
  • It will help in identifying the right marketing channels and campaigns
  • Optimize the sales as well as marketing values and many more

How Tecnova can help

B2B sales business today has become unimaginably competitive. Firms cannot tap the full potential of the B2B sales process without gathering adequate market research and insights. Also, upgrading to the latest sales operating cycle is crucial to improve lead generation.

However, data overloads and long sales cycles hinder the scope for the representatives to identify the loopholes in their planning and operation. Hence, partnership with business management consulting firms in India is imperative for all B2B sales businesses operating in the Indian market. This will enable B2B firms to align their marketing tactics and work towards customizing and improving the sales program.



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