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Bostel Consulting and TECNOVA Consulting Group

Bostel Consulting serves as Market Access Partner Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Tecnova Consulting Group. 

Tecnova is India’s oldest and largest Entry Strategy Consulting and Implementation firm that helps international companies to be successful in India. Through our strategic solutions and implementation assistance, we have led a plethora of the world’s most progressive companies to enter and establish in India. Our strong understanding of India, its policies and regulations, advantages and challenges enables our clients to make decisions that ensure long term profitability and growth.

We work with global organizations to provide collaborative solutions for to enable a successful market entry and expansion in India:

Regarded as the largest Entry Strategy Consulting and Implementation firm in India, Tecnova has marked an important milestone recently by entering into Asian market. The company, which was until now helping businesses all over the world to establish in India, will now provide strategic solutions to companies planning to enhance their presence in Asia as well. 

The development comes in the wake of Tecnova’s tie-up with Tractus Asia. Tractus Asia is a strategy and operations management consulting firm helping businesses to achieve their business goals in Asia.

Tecnova in its early stages had tried to foray into both Asian and European markets. The strategy to enter Asian market did not materialize back then due to language barriers. However, with this new feather in the cap for Tecnova today, companies planning to penetrate into Asian market will benefit immensely.

How can Tecnova Make Your Business Ready for Asian Markets? 

The Entry Strategy Consulting giant does a deep evaluation of the market opportunities for its clients and creates a strategic proposition to help them enter Asian market. Its team then does final implementation of the strategy to ensure solid foundation for the company entering into the market.

Tecnova understands that to take a final call on penetrating into a particular market is not easy. A business cannot solely rely on factual information. The business culture, influencers, and feel of the market are few important factors to seal the deal. This is why Tecnova in its exploration methodologies includes real-time interactions with industry stakeholders such as buyers, distributors, and retailers.

Some of the market exploration approaches used by Tecnova are:

  • Current and future opportunity
  • Government Regulations
  • Competition
  • Entry barriers
  • Technology trends
  • Demand & supply gaps
  • Potential Customers/Business leads/Partners
  • Sales & Distribution channels
  • Location Advantage
  • Business Culture

Formulation of effective strategies is very critical for a company to explore a new foreign market, spread its root, and finally achieve success. Tecnova’s team assist clients in evaluating various strategy options for market penetration keeping in view both short and long term goals, industry growth curve, and other best practices.

All the planning done is useless in the absence of a robust implementation. Tecnova supports its clients with their implementation requirements.

Tecnova’s implementation phase includes the following features:

  • Undertaking M&A/JV activities
  • Setting up of a Greenfield facility
  • Recruiting Key Executives
  • Identifying operational vendors
  • Identifying the right partner and contract signing

With the beginning of a promising Asian journey, Tecnova is set to weave a new story of success and innovation.


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