Role Of A Project Management Consultant In Making Manufacturing Operations Efficient

Project management consultants are business experts that provide advice to firms willing to invest in foreign markets. A company hires them to assist regarding manufacturing execution, operation, strategy planning, and more. An industrial consultant assists B2B businesses to make manufacturing more efficient with their valuable experience across various domains like manufacturing, vendor development, supply chain management, etc.

India has been a preferable market for most foreign companies in the last few years due to its rapidly growing industrial sectors. Moreover, an adequate supply of skilled laborers makes India even more demanding in the international market for manufacturing.

Business consultants assist these new ventures with customized market-specific strategies and confirm a successful business initiation for firms undertaking manufacturing plant setup in India.

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How Do Manufacturing Consultants Prove Advantageous?

Manufacturing consultants provide comprehensive assistance to successfully run a manufacturing company in India. Some services required for the factory setup in India are:

  • Framing market-specific strategy for the business and corporate growth.
  • Legal issues.
  • Sourcing, development of vendor, and transfer of technology.
  • Shaping a new entity for a business.

Apart from these, there are also several other niches covered.

  1. Statistical Surveying And Location Analysis

Well-seasoned market researchers come up with a lot of statistical research techniques before rolling a project. Under this statistical survey, various analytical methods come to play. For example, ANOVA test, Regression analysis, T-Test, and others. All these tests in unison act as a secret sauce of success for factory setup consultants in India.

Additionally, selected consultants provide location analysis too. This helps to select an ideal location to establish a business based on its consumer and surroundings. The two main factors for location analysis are market data and demographics. This involves finer classifications and must be duly stressed for successful statistical surveying.

  1. Preparation Of Business Roadmap

Preparation of roadmaps is essential for business success in the long run, and availing assistance from an experienced industrial plant setup consultant is highly beneficial. As per a study, if a firm plans comprehensively beforehand, they have a success rate of around 30%.

A business roadmap is an interesting recipe for a factory setup in India. Few ingredients to consider are –

  • Purpose Of Activity.

Running a business smoothly requires identifying the purpose of the activity. Understanding the tasks and activities of each person in the business operation is crucial. Strategically assigning goals will serve a higher purpose for the business roadmap.

  • Departmental Breakdown.

To function properly, different segments of a company need to work in unison. Dividing separate entities for a business can help to complete tasks faster.

  • Future Goals.

During a manufacturing plant set up in India, targeting specific goals is important to reach milestones. This is made from a combined team effort and specifically should be done while launching a completely new setup.

  1. Help In Finding The Right Vendors And Distributor/Dealer Channels

Industrial plant setup consultant in India assists foreign firms in finding the right vendor, distributor, and dealer channels. Such consultants look at several factors for the new venture to ensure smooth business operations.

New ventures always find it difficult to find to channelize their product or services initially to the Indian market. This is because the Indian market changes at a very granular level, and customer needs change regionally. Language preferences, habits, food consumption, clothing, and other factors differ widely within communities and short distances.

Apart from this, setting up the right distribution center is also important. For a manufacturing plant set up in India, a warehouse location is primarily important for the venture. This will also make transportation more swift, affordable, and easily accessible. Although there are various factors to consider before choosing a distribution center, here are a few pointers

  • Traffic flow
  • Easy access to airports, ports, railway stations, and bus stops.
  • Local environmental ease.
  • Availability of labor force.
  • Affordable utility costs.
  • Cheap rent cost.

All the factors combined make the warehouse location suitable for a business. However, it should also be noted that ticking every checkbox for finding a suitable warehouse is challenging for a new venture in India. Hence, choosing a project management consultant in India is helpful and will ease the process too.

  1. Create Best-Suited Infrastructure For The Manufacture

As mentioned earlier, India is a land of diversities. Most foreign companies entering India aren’t aware of such diversity and can wrongly estimate this fact. Creating a working environment with proper infrastructure and under the guidance of an expert industrial consultant proves beneficial.

Several factors come to play when undertaking an investment, such as -availability of raw materials, political stability, transport and infrastructure, growth potential, and economic size.  Although the availability of the labor force might not be a deal-breaker, regional availability might require scrutiny. This can only be done by expert factory setup consultants in India as they know the market from the inside.

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How To Choose A Project Management Consultant?

To choose a project management consultant, a company must look at

  • Financial background.
  • Company presence.
  • Policies
  • Scope
  • Structure of operation and others.

In India, project management consultant providers like Tecnova offer comprehensive assistance to businesses willing to set up a manufacturing firm in the country. With years of experience, these firms have valuable market insights, which proves highly advantageous for a foreign venture willing to launch a business in India.

Such experienced consultancy firms have various strategies that operate in layers for industrial success. Some of them are –

  • End-to-end project management.
  • Vendor management.
  • Different deployment of vendors.
  • Evaluation of vendors
  • Assistance in Greenfield project setup and more

To conclude, choosing the right consultant for factory setup in India is particularly necessary for short-term planning and long-term success. Thorough market research, assistance in managing regulatory compliances, guidance in building distribution networks, and other allied factors offered by business consultants help identify unique opportunities in the Indian market. Also, with continuous audits and performance analysis reporting, such consultants ensure sustainable growth for foreign organizations.

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