Transformation Management

How Bostel Consulting can assist you

Bostel Consulting - Your First Choice in Executive Interim Management for Automotive - provides Change Management to lead a major improvement/ transformation project, Performance and Operations Management implementing a major initiative (product launch, relocation, integration, supply chain), Crisis Management to address urgent and major issues/ turnaround, temporary Skill/Competence Shortage, temporary Management Capacity Shortage, strengthening a project team, bridging the time to hire someone permanently, or bridging the time to fill a temporary absence (illness, secondment).

Top 10 benefits of Interim Management

  1. Instant access to candidates with proven track records
  2. Rapid response to unexpected changes or sudden opportunities
  3. End to end project management, from initial feasibility study through to final delivery and implementation
  4. Objective stance, focused on delivery within a set timeframe
  5. Mentoring and knowledge transfer a key element of the task
  6. Senior corporate experience at a highly competitive rate
  7. Far more cost-effective than management consultants
  8. Interims are committed 100% to client needs with no hidden agenda
  9. The employer retains control and ownership of IP, project timescales and costs
  10. Mitigates risk: time lost recruiting permanent hires; setbacks in operational improvement programmes; damaging gaps in knowledge.



Please view the profile of Dr. Rainer Bostel, Executive Interim Manager DDIM, on the homepage of DDIM Association German Interim Management: