India: The Next Gold Rush for Automotive Companies?

India: The Next Gold Rush for Automotive Companies?

Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “India: The Next Gold Rush for Automotive Companies?”, features Sudhir Nerurkar, founder and president of Pune, India-based Quanzen Consultants, and Indian automotive industry expert. In the 18-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Nerurkar discusses:

-       What the story is about the Indian Automotive sector, and why so many companies are rushing to India;

-       Similarities and differences to the China developments of 10 years ago, and what the important insights are into India for global companies;

-       What the main areas of opportunity are for international automotive supplier companies in India;

-       And what the major challenges are that International companies should be aware of and prepare for if they want to succeed in this market.

 Bostel Consulting is associated with Quanzen Consultants, the Business Development & Sourcing Support Expert to International Automotive Companies In India.

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